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Anthony Gallagher is the founder of property companies Gallagher Estates, Gallagher Developments and Countrywide Developments. In 2013 he was estimated to be worth £450m.[1][2]

He is also a member of The Leader's Group, the premier Conservative Party supporter group. Through an annual membership fee of £50,000 donors are able to secure access to leading members of the party.

Political Donations

Recorded by the Electoral Commission:

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to Subsidiary (parties only)
29/04/2003 Countrywide Developments Ltd, 15 Hockley Court £25,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party
18/04/2007 Gallagher UK Ltd, Gallagher House £250,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party
13/05/2011 Countrywide Developments Ltd, 9 Moorhead Lane £25,000.00 No Campaign Limited
08/03/2012 Anthony Gallagher £20,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party


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