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Moutet in an interview with CCTV America, 13 January 2015. Screengrab CCTV

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet is a Paris-based journalist and political commentator. Her articles appear in the UK's Daily Telegraph as well as in the neoconservative Weekly Standard in Washington. Between 2003 and 2012 she served on the executive committee of the neoconservative Paris based think tank the Jean Jacques Rousseau Institute.[1][2]

Praise of Marion-Maréchal Le Pen

The journalist dedicated a December 2016 Telegraph article to Marion-Maréchal Le Pen, Marine Le Pen's niece and one of the Front National's few MPs. In it she praised her for her oratory skills (that enable her to 'make carefully-calibrated points on immigration, Islam, French identity, throwing it back to the anointed Kings of the Middle Ages and 'the age of Cathedrals'), youthful looks and 'electoral advantages' she brings to the party. [3]

Burkini ban comments

In August 2016, as the burkini ban had provoked a serious public debate in France and beyond, Moutet wrote an article for The Sun claiming that certain pictures of a woman 'forced to strip' out of her burkini on a French beach were staged.

'A belief shared by many is that this “victim” and the snapper wanted the police to intervene — the photos are brilliant Islamist propaganda. They will provoke and inflame, foster a resentful mindset among French Muslims and encourage the narrative of “victimisation” that cripples action on Islamic extremism.' [4]

Other writers suggested she had no proof of her allegations. [5]





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