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Amjad Bseisu is the founder and CEO of EnQuest PLC, a North Sea oil company.


In 1984 Bseisu started his career at Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) as a senior engineer in the drilling and production division. In the fourteen years he worked for the company, he worked his way up to the position of president of ARCO Petroleum Ventures ARCO Crude Trading Inc.

In 1998 he co-founded Petrofac and has served as the CEO of Petrofac Energy Developments International Limited and president and CEO of Petrofac Resources International Ltd.

He started EnQuest in 2010.[1]


Fellow oil and gas millionaire and Conservative Party member Alexander Temerko has known Bseisu for 'many, many, many years'. In 2014 Temerko's company OGN signed a multimillion pound contract to rebuild a £250 million ship, the EnQuest Producer, for Bseisu's company.[2]

In 2011 the Coalition government raised the taxes on fields in the North Sea. 'Bseisu called the tax rise a “two by four in the face” and said it threatened more than £200m of investment by his company.' He 'insists he did not raise the issue at the Leader’s Group meetings' but in George Osborne's last budget before the 2015 general election Osborne cut petroleum revenue tax for older oil fields (which EnQuest use).[2]

Amjad Bseisu has given £28,500 to the Conservatives since December 2016. [3]


Former affiliations

Political donations

Recorded by the Electoral Commission:

Date Name of donor Amount Donated to Subsidiary (parties only)
24/10/2013 Amjad Bseisu £42,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party
27/05/2014 Amjad Bseisu £15,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party
21/07/2014 Amjad Bseisu £2,065.00 Conservative Party Central Party
21/07/2014 Amjad Bseisu £22,000.00 Conservative Party Central Party
17/11/2014 Amjad Bseisu £12,500.00 Conservative Party Central Party



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